How to Properly Clean Your Lingerie

Properly Clean Your Lingerie

Some women don’t think it’s a big deal, but washing your lingerie properly is actually very important. It helps prevent skin irritation when you wear the undergarments again and also keeps the lingerie in good shape so you can keep using it for a long time. Some lingerie items wouldn’t even last a month unless you make an effort to wear and clean them as they should be worn and washed. Following is a simple guide for cleaning your precious lingerie and keeping them ready whenever you feel like wearing them again.

Cold Water Is Your Friend

If you think that using hot water is the best way to clean your beloved lingerie, you’re wrong! Both lingerie and cleaning experts recommend that you use ordinary cold water. Using lukewarm or hot water in cleaning lingerie will only cause them to shrink, and you won’t be able to wear them again. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Cold water is your friend! That is something you need to keep in mind when washing lingerie items.

 Washing Lingerie

Keep It Hooked

It is advised that you fasten or hook your lingerie when you wash them. This is to prevent them from getting tangled and torn. This also helps you ensure that the lingerie’s delicate details (lace, embroidery, etc.) will not get caught on anything and become stretched or torn.

Soap and Detergents

Think you can use just any soap in washing your lingerie? Think again. The truth is that some types of detergent have ingredients that can be bad for the material of your lingerie, causing it to lose its elasticity and making its color fade too soon. If you’re unsure what detergent to use for your lingerie, be sure to read the cleaning instructions found on the tab of the lingerie itself or on the packaging. You can also ask the sales representative at the lingerie shop or department store where you bought the lingerie.

Tip: In most cases, it is best to go for detergents that do not have strong ingredients or bleaching agents. These are the substances that usually cause lingerie to deteriorate in terms of quality, color, and durability. This is the safest way to choose detergent, especially if you aren’t sure which particular soap or detergent to use. You should also be careful in using additional laundry agents like fabric softener.


Hand Wash Is Better Than Machine Wash

Although the washing machine can definitely hasten the laundry process, it can also cause your lingerie to quickly lose its durability. Hand washing is still better when it comes to lingerie. It may be time-consuming, but at least you can be sure your delicates will last longer as compared to lingerie items that are regularly machine washed.

 Drying Your Lingerie In The Dryer

Machine Drying Is a Big No

Drying your lingerie in the dryer is another thing you should avoid doing. There is a big chance your delicates will shrink when you place them in the dryer. The safest way is to dry lingerie is on a clothesline. For more specific drying instructions, check the tag or the item’s packaging.

How to Avoid Rejection for Your Lingerie Gifts

Reject Gifts

Not many men will admit to having their great lingerie surprise rejected by the woman of their dreams, but it does happen sometimes. There will be instances when you buy something stylish and sexy for your girl, such as lace lingerie, but it only ends up getting rejected. Not only is that a waste of money, but it’s also a figurative slap to your face. Here are a few things you can do to prevent getting your gift of lingerie rejected:

 Shop For A Lingerie Item

Evaluate First

Before you even start to shop for a lingerie item for your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife, evaluate the wisdom of the decision very carefully. Will your girl really appreciate such an intimate gift? Note that there are women who do not appreciate getting such intimate gifts from men, especially if you’ve just begun to date them. They may consider the gesture perverted or simply inappropriate; or perhaps they simply prefer buying their intimates personally.

Take time to think about it. If you feel that she really won’t mind getting lingerie as a gift, then go for it. But if your gut feel tells you there’s a chance she might not like it, then it would be best to err on the side of caution and look for other gift instead.

Tip: Ask your girl’s friends if she might like receiving lingerie from you. This is a good idea, especially if you ask friends who have known her for a long time. Once you have gathered the opinion of a few of her friends, you should be ready to make an informed decision as to whether you should pursue this plan or not.

Find Out What She Likes

Obviously, you can’t just buy the first lingerie you find and then assume your girl will like it simply because it’s made of lace and has beautiful detailing. There are women who prefer plain designs or designs with fewer details and/or patterns. If you don’t really have an idea what lingerie design she prefers, you can start by picking an item in her favorite color. If she is fond of specific patterns such as hearts, then you may want to choose lingerie that features those patterns. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible to find the right lingerie for your girl as long as you make an effort.

Get the Right Size

Aside from choosing the right color and design, you should also make sure the lingerie you buy for your girl is the right size. If you’ve been together for a long time, then you should already know what her size is. Otherwise, you could once again seek help from her close friends. Remember that lingerie needs to be neither too loose nor too tight.

Lingerie Can Be A Bit Expensive


It goes without saying that lingerie can be a bit expensive. You may want to wait to make a purchase when there are promos; Christmas is usually a good time for special offers. These special promos can really save you a lot of cash. Happy shopping!

Lingerie Gift Buying Guide for Christmas

Lingerie Gift Buying

As Christmas day approaches, you may have plans to give that special girl in your life the perfect lingerie as a surprise gift. If you are worried about the expense that usually comes with lingerie purchase, you don’t really need to. Here is a quick guide to buying lingerie for Christmas.

Choose Your Preference – Local or Online

With lingerie being very popular among women, it’s impossible for you not to find a reliable lingerie shop at or near your location. Even if there are no exclusive lingerie shops and boutiques in your area, you are likely to find them in a nearby mall or department store. Wherever you may find the best selection of lingerie, your efforts will surely be well worth it. And if you really cannot find lingerie for sale in your area, you can purchase them online.

Pick The First Lingerie

Be Mindful of Your Girl’s Preference

You can’t just pick the first lingerie item you see in a store or online shop and buy it immediately. You need to be mindful of your girl’s preference. In order to find the perfect lingerie, you need to determine and keep in mind the material that she likes as well as the texture, color, and design. That way, you won’t disappoint your girl when you give her your surprise this Christmas.

Black Friday Deals

Choosing an Online Lingerie Shop

Consider buying online as an option only if you cannot find a lingerie shop in your area. And make sure you deal only with a credible online lingerie shop. Once you have completed an online transaction, it will be pretty hard to get your money back in case something goes wrong. Consider checking independent reviews before you buy lingerie from any online seller. Check for customer testimonials about the seller and take note of any complaints about their service. If you find no negative reviews about the seller, then it may indeed be a good idea to buy from them.

Additional Tips:

  • Always keep screenshots or other records of your transaction details and conversations with the seller. That way, if there is any misunderstanding, you can refer to the records to clarify things. Records will also come in handy if you somehow feel that the seller is scamming you.
  • Be careful not to provide critical personal information to the seller. If it comes to the point that the seller asks for very personal information such as your personal government cards or ATM numbers, ditch the transaction and cut your communication with the seller immediately. The good thing about online sellers is that you can always find another one.
  • Black Friday deals. It is best to buy your gift early so you can get it for a cheaper price. Black Friday happens a day after Thanksgiving. It is when the price of goods is usually dropped, with discounts of about 50% or even bigger. You may want to grab this opportunity to buy the perfect lingerie for your girl at a price you can easily afford.

See, it’s not really that hard to go Christmas shopping for sexy lingerie for your special girl.

Seamless Push-up Bras: The Bra You Can Rely On

Professional Athlete

College student, career woman, or professional athlete – whatever kind of lifestyle you lead, you will undoubtedly need a bra. When the bra was first invented, it had just one style. If you lived in those days, therefore, you wouldn’t have much of a choice. These days, however, bras come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and women know that the outfit they wear will look best with the right kind of bra. Although you have the option of buying several different types of bra, you may also want to have one versatile bra you can wear with practically anything in your closet.

Seamless Push Up Bra

One of the most important criteria women have for their everyday bra is that it should give them a seamless look, especially if they’re wearing a dress. When you shop for a bra you can use with almost every outfit you have, therefore, it would be best to go for one with seamless cups. Another criterion many women have, especially those who are not so well-endowed, is that it should push their breasts up a bit to give them an attractive cleavage. The seamless push up bra, therefore, will be well worth considering.

Seamless Push Up Bra

For even more versatility, you may want to consider buying a strapless or convertible push-up bra. The biggest advantage of a strapless bra is that you can comfortably wear it whether you’re wearing a tube dress, a top with a wide neckline, or a V-neck blouse. You’ll be sure no straps will be peeking out embarrassingly. A convertible bra would also be a good choice, as it allows you to adjust the straps depending on the outfit you plan to wear. You can even remove the straps completely if you plan to wear a tube top. Seamless cups, push-up feature, and adjustable straps – what more can you ask for?

You could be the kind of woman who just loves collecting as many bras as possible, and in as many different styles and designs as possible. That’s fine. But no matter how many bras you may have, you’ll be sure to appreciate having that one bra you know you can always rely on. When everything else in your collection just doesn’t seem to go well with the outfit you plan to wear to a special occasion, it would definitely make you feel good to know you have a seamless push-up brassiere you can wear with just about anything.

Motorcycle Ramps: Where to Buy Them and What to Consider

Motorcycle Ramp

Are you planning to buy a loading ramp for your motorcycle? If so, then one of the questions you may have is where to shop for one. This is indeed a valid question, as the options available to you can be quite overwhelming. There are many places that sell motorcycle ramps, but not all of them offer ramps of excellent quality at reasonable prices. In order to find the best deals, you have to know exactly where to look. Following are a few suggestions you may want to keep in mind.

Motorcycle Super Store

This store has such a wide variety of ramps that you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs and preferences. They have aluminum ramps and steel ramps. They have folding ramps and non-folding ramps. They have bi-fold ramps and tri-fold ramps. They have ramps suited not only for motorcycles, but also for ATVs, snowmobiles, and other types of vehicle. You won’t even have to step out of your house to make a purchase, as you can view their stock on their website and make a purchase there. The ramp you choose to buy will then be shipped to you.

Rage Power Sports

This store also offers a wide variety of loading ramps. They have aluminum ramps and folding ramps in various sizes. They also have a website that offers detailed descriptions of each item they sell, including the weight of the ramp itself, its maximum weight capacity, and the length of warranty, among other things.


This is also an excellent place for you to shop for a motorcycle ramp. The store has a wide offering of loading ramps for motorcycles, and most of these ramps arrive at your doorstep ready to use. It usually takes a week to eight weeks for the item to be delivered. Their website provides all the information you may want to know about the products they sell, including the shipping time, the ramp’s weight and weight capacity, and the cost. So when you make an online purchase, you can be sure you’re getting exactly the kind of ramp you need.

Other Options


Aside from the three stores mentioned above, you could also shop for a motorcycle ramp from your local sporting goods store. Just make sure you know how to differentiate a ramp of good quality from one that isn’t worth your money. You could also seek recommendations from friends who have loading ramps. Ask them where they bought their ramp, what material it is made of, what brand it has, etc. Their answers should help narrow down your options.

You could also try checking Nextag. This is a site that basically serves as an online directory. It enables you to easily find products and services. When you search for a motorcycle ramp on the site, you’ll be shown a list of all the places selling such ramps. The site also gives you the chance to narrow down your options based on the brand, the price, and the kind of ramp you need. You can also choose according to seller or check out sales and deals currently being offered.

For example, if you prefer a tri-fold ramp, then you could simply type that into the search box and then you’ll be given a list of all tri-fold ramps being offered for sale. When you find a product that possibly suits your needs, you can click on it to be taken to the seller’s website. You may then check out the details of that ramp and complete the purchase if it meets your requirements. Otherwise, you can continue with you r search.

Considerations for Buying Motorcycle Ramps

Choosing Product

Before you start shopping for your loading ramp, you may want to ask yourself a few questions. Your answer to these questions will help you determine just what kind of ramp you need to get.

  • Will you be loading your motorcycle onto a trailer or the back of a pickup truck? Note that trailers are generally lower than the back of the truck. This difference in loading height also makes a difference in determining what length of ramp you should choose.
  • Will you be loading your motorcycle in such conditions as mud, rain, or snow? If you believe you’ll constantly be loading your motorcycle in slippery conditions, then you should make sure the ramp you choose provides enough traction to prevent slippage. You may also want to consider getting a ramp that features open rungs, so debris will just fall to the ground.
  • Will you be loading the motorcycle on your own? If so, then it’s best to choose a longer ramp so the angle of the incline won’t be too steep. Remember that the risk for accidents increases as the steepness of the incline does.
  • Will you be using the ramp for any other vehicle? Do you have an ATV, a mower, a snowmobile, or anything else you plan to load using the ramp? If so, you need to consider the weight of the heaviest item you plan to load when shopping for a ramp. Make sure the ramp you buy is more than capable of holding the heaviest item you plan to use it for.

You should also consider the material of the ramp you’re going to buy. Most loading ramps are made of either steel or aluminum. Steel has the advantage of being very strong, durable, and affordable. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a lot lighter in weight, very easy to handle, and resistant to rusting and chipping. Your choice of material depends entirely on which features you deem more valuable.

Choosing Styles


Loading ramps for motorcycles come in a variety of styles. You’ll have to decide which style suits your needs best. To do that, you need to learn what the different styles are and what their features are. Dual runners are basically two separate ramps that are joined together. They are in folding or non-folding, straight or arched designs. Bi-fold ramps can be folded in half for storage. They are quicker to set up than dual runners. Tri-fold ramps can be folded in thirds. It is easier to store and transport than bi-fold ramps.

Attached ramps are directly mounted to the back of your pickup truck for safer and easier loading. Hitch-mounted ramps are a combination of a carrier and a ramp. Non-folding ramps are perhaps the easiest to set up, but they are a bit difficult to store and transport. Arched ramps are usually preferred over straight ramps because they help reduce the risk of your motorcycle getting snagged as the front wheel hits the bed of the truck.

Most of the considerations you need to make when shopping for a motorcycle ramp have to do with making the loading and unloading process much safer. Even when you’ve taken all of the above considerations into account, though, it’s still advisable for you to take some extra precautions. Guide your motorcycle up the ramp instead of riding it, or if you really choose to ride it, be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

By keeping the above tips in mind, not only will be able to find the perfect ramp for your needs, you’ll also ensure your safety and that of your vehicle.

Tips and Reminders for Armored Cosplayers

Armored Cosplayer

Aside from detailed and beautiful cloth cosplays, armored cosplayers also invariably stand out in any cosplay event they attend to. Compared to cloth cosplayers, armored cosplayers typically tend to have a harder time at it. They have to place their accouterments in large bags, carry them to the venue, and assemble them before the cosplayers can participate in the event. To minimize the hassle, we’ve assembled a list of tips to make your life easier in a cosplay event.

You Need to be Physically Fit before the Event

This is one factor that cosplayers sometimes forget about especially when a convention is nearing. Make sure that you are physically fit before the convention. If you are sick while wearing your armor, you might worsen your condition or worse, faint.


Fumes from any types of adhesives or paints might be dangerous to your health. They’re even more dangerous if you encase yourself in a costume reeking with them. Fumes from these particular materials can pose a risk to your respiratory health.

Using Sharp or Dangerous Material for Your Armor

Skyrim Cosplay

When it comes to creating armors for cosplay, you need to use safe materials like cardboard, EVA foam, craft foam, fiberglass, or resin. Do not use dangerous and/or fragile materials like metal or glass. Using these materials and bringing them to the convention might disqualify you. In all likelihood, you won’t even be permitted to go inside the venue. On the side of the organizers, safety and security for cosplayers and convention goers are important.

Don’t Move About Too Much

Remember that cosplaying armored characters is completely differently from portraying ones in swathed in clothing. While cosplayers garbed in cloth costumes can easily move about in the convention halls, armored cosplayers are bulkier. Be careful as you might hit someone in the convention halls. Best not to move about too much for some parts of your armor (or weapon) might harm a fellow cosplayer or a con-goer.

Make Sure Every Part Is Secured and in Place

As you are enjoying the rest of the day wearing your armor during the convention, chances are some parts might fall off as you walk around or strike poses for other con-goers. Before you head out to the venue, make sure that every part of the armor is secured and durable enough. Use extra adhesive, Velcro strips, or plastic buckles to help you secure everything.

Always Have a Companion

Cosplay Assistant

When it comes to a convention, make sure to have a companion along with you. Whoever you ask to come along with you would be responsible for helping you put on your armor and take responsibility of your belongings while you are in costume.

If you don’t have a companion, be sure to ask help from the marshals or volunteers present in the event area to help you. Certain conventions have special baggage counters for those who are attending so be sure to secure your baggage ahead of time before the slots are fully occupied due to the limited number.

You Can Refuse to Have Your Picture Taken

Of course we get tired for a long period of standing up. If you are tired and someone wants to take a picture of you, you can kindly say no and tell them that you need to rest for awhile.

Hosting a Panel in a Convention

Hosting Cosplay

Aside from cosplay, toy exhibits, shops, and exclusive presentations, panels are also a part of a convention’s exclusive highlights. Majority of these panels are organized by prestigious individuals or companies composed of a variety of talented people including animators, comic book artists, and multimedia artists. If you are working or coordinating with those mentioned and you wish to organize/host a panel in a convention, follow these simple tips.

Contact Convention Organizers

There are two ways this could go: either they contact you first or you contact them and ask to be part of the convention. It doesn’t really matter who sends the invitation first. What matters is you will be given a space to have your panel. Once there’s already a confirmation on the side of the organizers, be sure to keep in touch with them every now and then.

Panel Contents

This is useful when it comes to advertising your panel in the convention. The contents of your panel can be either a presentation of exclusive content or it can be an exclusive Q and A section with you and the audience.

Here’s a valuable tip: try to give them information that they can’t dig up anywhere else. That way you will attract more people to your panel session.


Be Wary of the Time

Remember you can’t have your panel the entire day. Be wary of the time and do not make the panel too long since majority of the convention-goers still have other events and panels to attend to during the day.

Program Flow of Your Panel

Honestly, the entire flow of the program during your panel session would really depend on the content and information that you plan to share to the audience.

-You can start by introducing yourself and the other panelists. You can start with the achievements that you did and a summary of your past working experience until the present. You can also share your primary goals in the panel as well but that would really depend on you.

-You can immediately start the main panel discussion. This can vary from updates, exclusive announcements, and other related discussions.

-Question and answer portion of the panel. It is best that you make this panel consume the entire half of the session because there are going to be a lot of people who will be asking you stuff.

Question and Answer Session

During the question and answer session, be sure to limit the number of questions that you are ready to answer. It’s recommended that you let the others write down their questions first before attempting to ask the panel. As much as possible, do not answer all of the audience questions alone. You should be accompanied with the other members of your team or company to help you answer the questions.

Tip: Make sure that the audience questions are related to the panel discussions. Questions that border on your personal life should not be answered. If ever you encounter these during the panel, you can gently explain to the audience that you won’t be answering those queries as they’re not pertinent to the panel you’ve setup.

Important Reminders to Maintain Eye Safety for Contact Lens Wearers

Halloween Contact Lenses

It’s easy to buy a nice pair of contact lens halloween. These things, along with other novelty items, are found everywhere nowadays. You can buy them online or somewhere within your neighborhood. All you need to do is look for it. However, before you do so, it’s important that you get a prescription from a licensed ophthalmologist first.

 Eye Checkup

Having your eye checked by a specialist would enable you to look for a pair of contact lenses that would provide you with the best fit. Apart from that, it is also an ideal thing to do to ensure your safety. If you want to buy contact lenses from a reliable source then you’ll need to obtain a prescription first.

Basically, a valid prescription should contain the date of the eye examination, the date when the prescription was received following a contact lens fitting, the expiration date of the product as well as the prescribing professional’s name, address and other contact details. Other important information such as the manufacturer of the product and the measurements of the prescribed lenses should also be included.

As specified in the FTC regulations, contact lenses are not considered as over-the-counter devices or cosmetics. For that reason, you should be wary of stores that brand them as such. For your own safety, make sure to buy only from a reliable supplier. If you can, it’s best for you to ask the manufacturer’s written patient information for any pair of contact lenses you purchase. This will help you know more about the right way to take care of your lenses.

It’s important that you know how to clean and store your lenses properly in order to avoid developing any risk of eye infections. If you’re not careful, you can be subject to inconvenient eye problems such as corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis and other types of eye irritations.

 Contact Lens Container

To reduce any chances of developing any of these eye infections, you have to make sure that the contacts you’re wearing are clean. One way of making sure is to replace the case where you store your lenses regularly. Ideally, you should get a new one every three to six months. However, just because you are careful to get a new case two to four times in a year, you also need to make it a priority to disinfect your lenses every day. Soak them in their prescribed solution and seal them in their cases and store them in a safe location. Avoid reusing any lens solution and make sure not to forget taking your contacts off before you sleep or go swimming.

The Different Types of HVAC Systems

With the number of HVAC Las Vegas systems available in your local store, you shouldn’t have trouble picking the most ideal one for your heater and/or air conditioning needs. Also, with this wide array of options, a tight budget isn’t a problem; you can pick a model that’s well within what you’re planning to shell out. The different types of HVAC systems though, can be quite bewildering.


Here’s a guide explaining each one.

Heating and Air Conditioning Split System

This is considered as the most traditional system type. HVAC stores usually include accessories such as air cleaners, air purifiers, and humidifiers. It’s usually the typically bought system because of its simplicity and reliability.

Hybrid Heat Split System

This system is more energy-efficient than the traditional one. It has a heat pump, which enables it to perform AC and electricity-powered heating operations on top of the usual heating process powered by a gas furnace. If you opt for a better system having more advantageous features and functions, then purchase this one.

Duct-Free Split Heating and Air Conditioning System

This makes for a good complement to your ducted system. It comes with an AC/heat pump, refrigerant-converting compact fan coil, refrigerant wires and tubings that serve as the connectors of the outdoor unit to a fan coil, and a thermostat that you can, needless to say, adjust. HVAC suppliers in the Las Vegas area typically bundle this type of HVA with indoor air quality accessories such as air cleaners, UV lamps, ventilators, humidifiers and air purifiers. This one’s normally used in places where a ducted system is not applicable.

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning System

This one’s perfect if the space of your locale is not sufficient for the multiple parts of a split system. An AC or heat pump unit fused with an evaporator or coil would be the perfect compact system for smaller areas. If you’ve a tiny living space, a comfortable ambiance is still achievable with this type of unit.

When purchasing, you have to think about the amount of heating or cooling you need at home. While planning, you can hire HVAC professionals to calculate estimates in order to identify the size of the equipment your home can accommodate.

Businesses outside Australia – Being Entitled to an ABN

Business Overseas

You’re aware that an Australian Business Number (ABN) is important if you wish to start a business in Australia. But what if you already have an existing business outside Australia and you want to extend your business to include transactions in Australia? Will you still need to secure an ABN in that case? Let’s find out.

There are indeed cases where foreign businesses or organizations are deemed entitled to an ABN. For example, if you’re operating an enterprise or if you are a manufacturer of certain supplies that you plan to sell to businesses in Australia, then you may apply for an ABN. Just like an Australian-based business, you also have the option to apply for ABN online. Note, however, that the Australian Business Register (ABR), which handles ABN applications, will be asking for additional information from you and you will not be given an ABN unless that information is provided.

Business Registration

It is also worth noting that before you even take the first steps towards securing an ABN, you’ll have to register with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and secure an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) first. The ARBN is an identification number issued to foreign companies that register with the ASIC, wishing to do business in Australia. The ABR will likely ask for your ARBN once you apply for an ABN. To ensure that the application process goes smoothly, it’s best to be prepared.

If you already have an ARBN, then it should be easy enough to proceed with the ABN online application. It takes only a few minutes to fill in the online application form and provide the necessary information, after which you’ll be given a reference number. This reference number is what you’ll need to provide if you ever decide to contact the ABR to follow up on your application or for any other purpose.

Soaring Business

If they still need additional information, the ABR will contact you directly. In the same manner, you will be contacted if certain documents need to be translated and certified by a duly-authorized translation service. Documents that are usually written in other languages include birth certificates, passports, and certificates of incorporation.

Even if your business isn’t based in Australia, that doesn’t mean you cannot secure an ABN and conduct business in the country. As long as you know what to do and where to go, it should be easy enough to extend the reach of your company and grow your business by entering the Australian market.