Important Reminders to Maintain Eye Safety for Contact Lens Wearers

Halloween Contact Lenses

It’s easy to buy a nice pair of contact lens halloween. These things, along with other novelty items, are found everywhere nowadays. You can buy them online or somewhere within your neighborhood. All you need to do is look for it. However, before you do so, it’s important that you get a prescription from a licensed ophthalmologist first.

 Eye Checkup

Having your eye checked by a specialist would enable you to look for a pair of contact lenses that would provide you with the best fit. Apart from that, it is also an ideal thing to do to ensure your safety. If you want to buy contact lenses from a reliable source then you’ll need to obtain a prescription first.

Basically, a valid prescription should contain the date of the eye examination, the date when the prescription was received following a contact lens fitting, the expiration date of the product as well as the prescribing professional’s name, address and other contact details. Other important information such as the manufacturer of the product and the measurements of the prescribed lenses should also be included.

As specified in the FTC regulations, contact lenses are not considered as over-the-counter devices or cosmetics. For that reason, you should be wary of stores that brand them as such. For your own safety, make sure to buy only from a reliable supplier. If you can, it’s best for you to ask the manufacturer’s written patient information for any pair of contact lenses you purchase. This will help you know more about the right way to take care of your lenses.

It’s important that you know how to clean and store your lenses properly in order to avoid developing any risk of eye infections. If you’re not careful, you can be subject to inconvenient eye problems such as corneal abrasions, conjunctivitis and other types of eye irritations.

 Contact Lens Container

To reduce any chances of developing any of these eye infections, you have to make sure that the contacts you’re wearing are clean. One way of making sure is to replace the case where you store your lenses regularly. Ideally, you should get a new one every three to six months. However, just because you are careful to get a new case two to four times in a year, you also need to make it a priority to disinfect your lenses every day. Soak them in their prescribed solution and seal them in their cases and store them in a safe location. Avoid reusing any lens solution and make sure not to forget taking your contacts off before you sleep or go swimming.