Hotel in Laguindingan vs. Inns in the Downtown Area

What Travellers Should Know Before Making Reservations

Although a lot of people use the terms hotel and inn interchangeably, these two types of accommodations offer very different experiences in terms of services, amenities, and so much more. So, before you book a room in a hotel in Laguindingan or in an inn in the middle of the city, here are a few things you might want to know to make sure that your stay is memorable and enjoyable:

The Noble House Inn.

What are inns and what are they all about?

Before anything else, we must first identify what inns are. Inns are actually the oldest form of commercial lodging, dating back to the Roman Empire. As the Romans were developing ways to make travelling in the countryside safer and a lot faster by creating roads, inns were conceptualized to give long-distance travelers a safe and comfortable place to stay in for the night. Thus, inns became the first commercial form of lodging.

Nowadays, one can still find a variety of inns in Europe. However, the concept is no longer confined to the region. All around the world, in major cities and small towns, you can find inns that offer affordable lodging and a variety of services. In Cagayan de Oro alone, there are more than a handful of inns scattered all over the city, including its suburbs.

What are inns great for and who chooses to stay in them?

Inns are generally used for short overnight stays. This means travelers who need a place to stay in for a quick stopover typically choose inns over any other form of lodging because they are cheaper and will accept guests even without any reservations. The affordability and accessibility of inns make them popular among backpackers, road trippers, and travelers on a budget.

Here are a few key characteristics of a typical inn:

  • Inns are generally located in the suburbs and the outskirts of cities and towns.
  • They’re typically within walking distance from the main highway.
  • Gas stations, grocery stores, and shopping centers are generally within the vicinity of the inn.
  • Dining is commonly provided to guests, as well as a free breakfast.

What makes hotels different from inns?

Hotels in the City.

Hotels are generally located at the heart of major cities and towns, or closer to airports like the hotels that are located near the Laguindingan Airport. Historically, hotels are considered a step up from inns in terms of commercial lodging. They gained significant popularity in the 19th century and eventually evolved to become more diverse, offering a variety of luxurious amenities.

Compared to inns, hotels typically have more rooms to offer guests, and for the most parts, these rooms are more equipped with extra amenities like flat screen TVs with cable, a fridge, a mini-bar, an entertainment system, and even game consoles. Rooms come in various sizes as well, some capable of accommodating a family of four. Other features generally available in hotels include fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, gift/souvenir shops, and concierge and transport services.

Picking a Hotel in Laguindingan or the Downtown Area Over a Standard Inn

Business travel hotel.

Hotels are ideally the perfect choice for urban tourists and business travelers. Just like most inns, hotels often offer free breakfast to guests as well. But unlike inns, hotels generally provide more when it comes to dining. Some of the best hotels typically have restaurants that offer local cuisines and delectable dishes. They also often have vending machines and guests can choose to eat their meals in the comfort of their rooms via room service.

Business travelers are better off staying in a hotel that’s located in the downtown area or somewhere that’s closer to the city’s business district. Urban tourists can choose to stay in downtown hotels or hotels located in the suburbs and the outskirts of the city. Suburban hotels often provide free transport for their guests, between the hotel and anywhere in the city proper.

If you are visiting tourist spots in the provinces though, you might be better off staying in a hotel located near the airport. Since you don’t really need to go to the city and visit its main attractions, you might find it more practical to just stay closer to the airport. You can just hire a van service to take you to tourist attractions outside the city.


Although there are quite a few differences between a hotel and an inn, choosing which one is the best really depends on your own situation and your budget. If you’re looking for a place to stay in just for the night, you’ll find inns more appealing and budget-friendly. But, if you want to enjoy certain amenities, then maybe hotels are more to your liking.

Tips for Finding a Luxury Apartment for Rent in CDO City

It is understandable that the task of looking for the right apartment to rent can be quite daunting for someone working on a tight budget. But even if you can afford to rent a luxury apartment (and plan to do so), that doesn’t mean you can just do an online search, call the management of the apartment that appears at the top of search results, and then immediately sign a lease agreement. Well, technically, you probably can, but that wouldn’t be such a smart move.

Even if you’re just renting, the apartment unit will serve as your home for as long as you stay in the place where it’s located. Let’s say, for example, you’re planning to set up a business in Cagayan de Oro and planning to live there for at least the next five years. The apartment unit you’ll be renting will therefore be your home for at least half a decade. Naturally, you’d want to be comfortable not only in the unit itself, but in the immediate neighborhood you’ll be living in, right? This is why you need to take a few important things into serious consideration when you start hunting for a luxury apartment for rent in CDO City.

Security and Safety

It’s easy to understand why security and safety should be among your top concerns when looking for an apartment. If you can afford a luxury apartment, then you can probably afford a lot of luxury items. Obviously, you’ll want to keep all those items away from robbers and thieves. More importantly, you’ll want the assurance that you are completely safe in your apartment unit. A dwelling place should be a haven; you should feel perfectly safe and secure when you’re at home.

Apartment Security

Towards this end, make sure the apartment complex in which you choose to live has excellent safety and security features in place. Security personnel should be watching all entrances and exits at all times and high-quality security cameras should be in place throughout the complex. There should be enough emergency exits and tools such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. And the neighborhood where it is located should be one with low (zero, if possible) crime rate.


People who pay for luxury are also typically paying for convenience. And convenience usually means that the place is within easy access of your places of business and recreation. Convenience where a luxury apartment is concerned also entails the availability of a spacious, safe, and secure parking area. Furthermore, the apartment complex you choose should have maintenance personnel on-site who can readily assist with quick fixes that may be needed unexpectedly.

Serviced Apartment Maintenance

Top-rate utilities are also among the reasons why luxury apartments cost a lot. Make sure the unit you choose is properly insulated, so you’re always comfortable, regardless of the weather. It also adds to the appeal of a luxury apartment if the complex houses its own restaurant, laundry service, spa, gym, and swimming pool, among other amenities. After all, you are paying a premium for your unit and in association fees; you may as well be able to enjoy these pleasures whenever you have time to spare.

Other Considerations When Hunting a Luxury Apartment for Rent in CDO City

You are renting a unit in a luxury apartment complex. You would naturally expect the rent to be high. But still, you need to make sure you are getting the commensurate value for the amount you will be paying. Just because you have the money, doesn’t mean you should just throw it away. Check out the unit you’re considering and make sure the size and available space as well as the amenities, facilities, and services are in proportion to the total cost of rental (including association fees, if any).

Before committing to a rental contract, it pays to do a little bit of sleuthing where the landlord is concerned. How reliable is he? Bear in mind that the landlord or apartment manager is your first line of defense in case you run into any problems relative to your stay at the apartment complex. He is also your all-around go-to guy. If you cannot rely on him being there whenever you need help, or at least leaving someone in charge at all times, then that particular apartment may not be such a good choice. Talk to some of the tenants and staff to get an idea as regards the landlord’s reliability.

Many of those who plan to rent luxury apartments rely on the Internet to provide them with options, and there is nothing inherently wrong with doing so. But it is still best to check out the place in person so you can see for yourself if it is something that suits your preferences and needs. Getting a feel for the place just might be what seals the deal for you.

Top SEO Philippines – More Aggressive Online Marketing

In the past, businesses were able to flourish even without an Internet marketing strategy. Well, that’s primarily because there was no Internet then. But even when the worldwide web was first created, it wasn’t really used for advertising businesses of any kind (except, perhaps, Microsoft). Today, however, a business will find it very difficult to make a mark in the industry to which it belongs if it fails to build a strong online presence. And among the best ways to establish online presence is to run a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

SEO Company in The Philippines

When SEO was first introduced as an effective online marketing tool, businesses began hiring IT professionals and formed in-house SEO teams tasked to get their web pages to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). In recent years, however, a new strategy quickly rose in popularity—that is, outsourcing SEO. SEO outsourcing was seen as a more practical solution and many businesses now prefer it over maintaining an in-house SEO team.

Note that outsourcing, as a concept, isn’t original to SEO. Various businesses have already outsourced certain aspects of their operations years before anyone even thought of outsourcing SEO. For example, large corporations have long been hiring companies based in other countries to serve as their customer service team. There are also a lot of businesses that have long been in the practice of outsourcing the production aspect of their operations—think Nokia, which had a huge manufacturing plant in China long before Apple took the mobile phone market by storm.

To be more specific, what has become a trend these days is offshore SEO outsourcing, which basically means hiring an SEO company or freelancer based in an offshore location. Yes, this is similar to what Nokia did with their production. Where SEO is concerned, countries like India and the Philippines have become the most popular outsourcing destinations, especially among Western companies such as those based in the United States. There are many good reasons why these countries have become the most popular outsourcing destinations, but perhaps the most common reason is the highly affordable rates their SEO companies offer.

It can be quite expensive to hire your very own SEO team. Aside from salaries and bonuses, you’ll have to provide the team with office space, equipment, and materials. You’ll also have to take care of overhead expenses like electricity and Internet access. On the other hand, outsourcing only requires you to shell out the amount you agreed to when you got into a contract with your chosen SEO company. And more often than not, that amount is a lot less than what you’d otherwise spend if you hired an in-house team.

Top SEO Philippines Company

When you talk to the representative of a top SEO Philippines company, you’ll soon realize that the benefits you could enjoy if you choose to hire them goes beyond savings. For one thing, English is the medium of instruction in the country and Filipinos have always been commended for their fluency in the English language. This means you won’t have much of a problem in communicating with your SEO team, even when they’re half a world away.

More importantly, though, the IT industry is booming in the Philippines. It is getting a lot of support from both the government and private sectors. Those who are interested in building a career in the industry receive ample education and training. And this is one of the industries in the country where people receive excellent compensation, which means IT professionals are motivated to always give their best. This therefore assures you that when you hire a top Philippine SEO company, you get a team of well-trained, highly-motivated professionals who will do their best to deliver the results you expect.

Many of the top SEO companies in the Philippines offer an all-in-one solution to their clients. If you don’t already have a website, they can create and maintain one for you. If you already have a website and simply need optimized content, they can provide you with that on a regular basis. If you have a website that needs redesigning for purposes of optimization, they can work on that for you. They can even set up and maintain a blog for you and promote your brand on social networking sites if you want.

Online marketing has indeed become more dynamic and businesses have become more aggressive in promoting their brands online. This means there is stiffer competition. The good news is that, as long as you choose your SEO team carefully, you can make it to the top.

Apartment for Rent in Cagayan de Oro – What You Need to Know

CDO Park

More and more people are now looking for an apartment for rent in Cagayan de Oro primarily because they have chosen to either study or work here. What is it about the city that attracts so many people? Is it really a good idea to move from wherever you’re currently based and start looking for a place to stay in the City of Golden Friendship? Let’s find out.

It can be a great place to work and/or study. CDO’s schools and universities are among the best in the country. This is evidenced by a good number of students from CDO faring well in national and international competitions as well as in national board examinations. The city is also home to the only school in the Asia-Pacific Region to adopt the full Montessori curriculum. Employment opportunities also abound in Cagayan de Oro, as there are now a good number of multinational businesses with investments in the city.

Local Food

The attractions and local food scene are excellent. There are so many attractions and leisure activities within the city and in the neighboring towns that you aren’t likely to get bored, no matter how long you stay in Cagayan de Oro. There’s the well-known whitewater rafting adventure, the Mapawa Nature Park that’s ideal for camping, and the Duka Bay Resort that’s just two hours away, among other things. Unlike other places where people get to enjoy either the beach but not the mountains, or the other way around, CDO residents get to enjoy the best of both worlds, since the city is within reach of both natural wonders.

Not only will you never get bored, you’ll also never go hungry in the city, which abounds with cafes and restaurants that offer a wide selection of delicious food. If you prefer cooking your own food and eating at home, don’t fret. Cagayan de Oro also has an abundance of ingredients you can buy at the local markets for very reasonable prices. And if you’re fond of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll be sure to love the wide selection we have here.

The city isn’t susceptible to major natural disasters. Okay, so we had Sendong back in 2011. But one of the biggest reasons why that typhoon became a huge tragedy is that the city’s residents didn’t expect it to hit so hard precisely because nothing like that has happened in CDO in decades. The occasional earthquakes that shake the city and flooding due to heavy rains aren’t really what you’d call major disasters. Any major disasters that occur (like Sendong) are the exceptions, rather than the rule.

The locals are very friendly. CDO is known as the City of Golden Friendship for good reason. The locals are generally very nice and simple people who definitely know how to have fun! Sure, there are a few “rotten eggs” just like in any other city in the world, but the majority of residents are among the most hospitable people in the country.

Best Pocket Vaporizers – Top Ten Choices

portable vaporizers

In 2014, The Oxford Dictionary selected “vape” as Word of the Year. This shows us just how popular vaping has become in recent years. More and more people are leaving their smoking habit and opting to vape instead. Whether they used to smoke tobacco or weed, or want to ingest different herbs and herbal blends, people are increasingly getting convinced that vaporizing is now the way to go. It isn’t only a healthier alternative to smoking, but it also allows you to enjoy a purer and fuller taste of your chosen material, thereby making it ideal for many individuals.

Vaporizers come in both desktop and portable versions, and choosing which type to get is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when you shop for a vaporizer. If you lead an on-the-go lifestyle and want the freedom of being able to vape at any time of the day, even when you’re not at home, then it’s a no-brainer: a portable vaporizer is what you need. But the process of trying to find the best pocket vaporizers can be a bit frustrating if you don’t have any idea what to look for. Good thing we’re here to help you.

Factors to Consider

broken vape

There are several factors you may want to consider when choosing a pocket vaporizer. It is these factors that determine whether a particular unit meets your preferences and needs or not. Note that there isn’t a single vaporizer that can be deemed the best at every single performance metric, so you’ll also have to weigh which factors you deem important when you start comparing vaporizers. What you hold valuable will determine what specific features and functions you should look for in a vaporizer.

Among the things you may want to check is the heating method used in a unit. There are conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers are those that transfer heat directly from the heating element to the material being vaporized. There is therefore direct contact between the heating element and the material. Convection vaporizers are those that involve heat transfer through air, which means hot air envelopes the material to heat it up. With this method, there is no contact whatsoever between the heating element and the material. There are also vaporizers that utilize a combination of conduction and convection in their heating systems.

Convection is generally considered better because it eliminates the risk of the material getting burned instead of vaporized. However, it is also more difficult to achieve, so convection vaporizers are generally more expensive. Conduction is more commonly used in vaporizers, and if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll likely have to settle for a conduction unit or one that uses a conduction-convection combination. The key to reducing the risk of combustion with a conduction vaporizer is to learn and master such techniques as periodically stirring the material and controlling the length of your draws.

Other factors to consider are temperature control and power source. Some vaporizers have fixed temperatures whereas others allow you to adjust the temperature setting using either a dial or a digital temperature control system. Many people prefer units with digital temperature control because they offer the most precision. As regards the power source, there are units that run on butane and then there are those that run on rechargeable batteries, which can be either internal or external. Where these factors are concerned, the question as to which works best relies heavily on your personal preferences.

Best Pocket Vaporizers on the Market

Even when you already know what to look for in a pocket vaporizer, it can still be a bit difficult to decide which particular unit to buy because there are just so many options currently available. But as we said, we are here to help. To make the choice easier for you to make, we have compiled a list of the best pocket vaporizers you’ll find on the market these days. The one that tops our list may not necessarily be the best unit for you, but it’s safe to say you’ll find what you’re looking for on this list.

pinnacle pro

1. Pinnacle Pro

One of the reasons why this vaporizer tops our list is that it can vaporize not just herbs, but also wax and oils. It is also very easy to use and maintain, and offers a decent flavor with very little odor. The design is clean and simple, and you’ll experience almost zero draw resistance. It offers five temperature settings (370F, 395F, 420F, 445F, and 470F). The Pinnacle Pro sells for $269.99.

2. Arizer Solo

This vaporizer is very easy to use and clean, and has excellent battery life. You can use it for 180 minutes before it needs recharging. It provides excellent vapor quality and seven temperature settings (122F, 365F, 374F, 383F, 392F, 401F, and 410F). It is a really durable unit that also has an auto-shutoff feature that allows you to save battery. The Arizer Solo sells for $223.99.

3. Firefly

Firefly Vape

The sleek design and excellent build quality of this unit are among the things that make it stand out. It also provides vapor of excellent taste and heats up in less than ten seconds. This convection vaporizer has a fixed temperature setting that goes up to 400F. It is also one of the quickest units to recharge at 45 minutes and offers 40 cycles before the battery needs recharging. The Firefly sells for $269.95.

4. Indica

Among the things people love about this unit is that it is one of the smallest and most lightweight handheld vaporizers on the market. It looks just like a Zippo lighter. It is highly efficient and offers excellent temperature control. It offers five temperature settings (358F, 365F, 372F, 379.5F, and 386.6F) and has batteries that last two hours before you need to recharge them. The Indica sells for $299.99.

5. Vapman

This Swiss-made vaporizer is developed with the same craftsmanship that goes into the world-famous Swiss watches. Compared to other portable units, this one is tiny and allows you to manually control airflow and vapor quality. It is powered by butane and takes just about ten seconds to heat up. The Vapman sells for $99.99.

6. DaVinci Ascent

davinci vape

What sets this unit apart is its all-glass vapor pathway, which allows you to enjoy the fuller and purer flavor of whatever material you vaporize; it can vaporize herbs, wax, and oils. It has a very precise digital temperature control system and one of the best battery systems offered by a pocket vaporizer. It also has a large chamber and can be used even while it is being charged, allowing you to enjoy longer vaping sessions. The Ascent sells for $249.99.

7. Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB)

What makes this unit stand out is that it is made of solid wood and has no moving parts, thereby being really sturdy. It is very easy to use and heats up within just ten seconds. Loading is very easy and the battery life is okay, considering the unit’s low price. The unit is small enough to fit nicely in your pocket even with the batteries and stem in place. The MFLB sells for $119.

8. Pax

This vaporizer is highly portable, has a very simple and discreet design, and is very easy to use. It offers excellent taste and vapor quality. It offers three temperature settings (370F, 390F, and 410F) and heats up in about a minute. You can use it for up to two hours before it needs recharging. Recharging takes about 90 minutes. The Pax sells for $199.99.

9. Vapir No2

kingpenvapes vapir no2

This unit heats up within seconds, has excellent battery life, and a temperature memory system that makes it a lot easier to use. Another huge plus is that it doesn’t make too much noise while being used. It is powered by an external battery that’s charged separately, which means you can buy an extra battery so you can continue vaping while the other battery is being charged. The Vapir No2 sells for $149.99.

10. DaVinci Vaporizer

This unit is commendable for its ergonomic grip and fast warm-up cycle. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, and offers excellent vapor quality. It can vaporize both herbs and oils. It has a good-sized chamber, is very easy to use, and has a very natural pull. It gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to temperature control. It gives you up to two hours of continued vaping and has an auto-shutoff feature that helps save battery. The DaVinci Vaporizer sells for $129.99.

Whatever your reason is for switching to vaping and choosing a portable unit over a desktop model, it is always advisable to find the unit that best meets your needs. The above list of best pocket vaporizers is sure to include at least one that you’ll find to your liking. Many people have tried them, and they’ve all been given the thumbs-up. Any one of them is sure to be well worth your money.

The Value of Owning a Condominium in Cagayan de Oro City

Philippine real estate has proven to be an excellent investment, particularly in recent years. It has experienced steady growth since 2001, with both commercial and residential properties enjoying significant demand, due in large part to the sudden boom of the country’s BPO industry. Aside from the strengthening of the real estate market, another significant change is the growing preference for investing in condominiums. Even in cities located in the Southern part of the country, like Cagayan de Oro, more and more people are recognizing excellent opportunities in condominiums, whether as a form of investment or a place to live in.

Primavera Residences

Benefits of Owning a Condo Unit

Here are some of the best reasons why it may indeed be a good idea to buy your own condo unit:

  1. First class amenities at affordable costs

You may balk at the thought of having to pay association fees each month, on top of the monthly amortization you pay for the unit itself. But when you compare the amount you are required to pay with the amenities and benefits you get access to, you’ll realize the monthly fee really isn’t so unreasonable after all. How much would you have to spend if you had your own house built and this house includes an indoor pool, a fitness center, and 24/7 security? The monthly condo association fee is indeed a bargain, isn’t it?

  1. High resale value

One of the major attractions of real estate in general is that properties typically increase in value over time, primarily because of inflation. With condo units, the sale value is even likelier to increase over time because of the overall appeal condominiums have where prestige and location are concerned. If you buy a condominium in Cagayan de Oro City, for example, you get to enjoy high resale value because the city itself is a booming locality that’s steadily growing in popularity. Whenever you feel the need to resell your condo unit, therefore, you can be sure you’ll get your investment back and more.

  1. Rental opportunities

A condo unit can also be an excellent source of a steady income stream if you choose to rent it out. Many young professionals and students who come from affluent families now choose to live in a condo unit if they work or study quite a distance from their hometown. And because they’re in that place only for work or school, they usually prefer to rent rather than buy a condo unit. So, if you’re looking for a good source of passive income that can last for many years, a condo unit may indeed be the perfect investment for you.

  1. Low initial financial demands

When you buy any real estate property, you will be required to put up a down payment. The good thing about condominiums is that they usually require a much lower down payment than if you chose to buy a house. This makes the entire process of buying real estate property more affordable, even for young professionals who are just starting to build a career. You may still want to buy a house in the future, but a condo can be an excellent first step to owning property.

  1. Minimal utility and maintenance cost

As mentioned earlier, condo living requires you to pay monthly fees that cover the amenities you get to enjoy as well as the utilities and maintenance of the property that houses your condo unit. But these fees are shared by all unit owners, thereby lowering the cost. When you compare the amount you need to pay with what you would otherwise spend if you hired your own gardener, security guards, and housekeeper, you’ll realize how much of a bargain you get.

Room Interior

Why Invest in a Condominium in Cagayan de Oro City

Now you know why investing in a condo unit is a good idea. But why should you buy a condominium in cities like Cagayan de Oro? Shouldn’t you just keep your investments in Metro Manila? Well, Metro Manila may indeed be the country’s main economic engine, but that doesn’t mean all the growth and opportunities are found there. There are other cities throughout the country that offer excellent investment opportunities, and Cagayan de Oro is one of those cities.

Cagayan De Oro

Named the country’s most competitive city back in 2013, Cagayan de Oro continues to enjoy a steady growth and is now the official economic center of Northern Mindanao. And with its port recently rehabilitated, the city has become the Mindanao region’s biggest domestic and international seaport. At present, Cagayan de Oro continues to attract major investors, particularly in the BPO sector. Among the major players in the city’s real estate industry is a company that specializes in green building and sustainable development.

With all the growth it is currently enjoying and with all the investors it continues to attract, it comes as no surprise that the condo market of the city will also experience a significant boom. Several condominium projects have been set up both in the city’s uptown and downtown areas. A few of these projects boast a green building design. Considering the continued growth of the city, it may indeed be an excellent idea to invest in condominiums here. Whether you choose to rent out or resell your condo unit/s, there is definitely a wonderful financial opportunity for you in the Cagayan de Oro real estate industry.

Owning a condo unit goes well beyond having a place to call your own. It also means owning a significant financial asset and enjoying long-term financial benefits. If you’re ready to own your first condo unit, you’ll be glad to know there are many real estate experts in the city.

Virtual Assistant Philippines – Quick Tips

More and more entrepreneurs these days are discovering the value of hiring a virtual assistant and building a team of remote staff for their business. This strategy is seen as an effective and efficient way to grow a small business with limited funds. It allows you, as the business owner, to leverage your time and focus your efforts on the core aspects of your business.

What Virtual Assistants Can Do for You

There are several things a virtual assistant can help you with. Among other things, he/she can assist with general secretarial tasks such as taking phone calls, email management, scheduling, travel management, bookkeeping, and database entry. A virtual assistant can also help you with marketing tasks such as leads generation, managing an online management system, setting up email sequences, and social media management.

Online VA

All these tasks are necessary for the smooth operations of any business, but they do not constitute the core of the business. The fact that they are non-essential but necessary tasks is the primary reason why you should consider delegating them to an online assistant. Of course, you can also choose to hire an in-house team to handle these tasks for you, but hiring in-house employees usually involve much higher cost, considering that you need to provide office space, equipment, and materials, along with salaries and benefits.

Tips for Working with an Online Assistant

When you work with a virtual assistant, it’s important to be realistic about the arrangement and to never make assumptions. Be very clear on the instructions that you provide and ask the assistant to repeat the instructions to you so you can be sure he/she understood exactly what you want him/her to do for you. And when you set deadlines, be sure to consider time zone differences and the degree of difficulty of the task to ensure that your deadlines are realistic and doable.

Whenever your virtual assistant completes a task and did exceptionally well on it, don’t forget to commend him/her. A simple thank you email goes a long way towards showing that you appreciate good work. More importantly, you should always send your payment on time. When your assistants get their pay on time, they won’t have financial worries and can therefore focus more on the tasks you assign them. An assistant is also more likely to do his/her best for a client who pays well and on time.

Hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines. Whenever entrepreneurs based in Western countries feel the need to hire a virtual assistant Philippines is always at the top of the list of places to look for a reliable assistant. For one thing, the workers in this country speak very good English and are used to working with Western clients. Plus, foreign exchange rates mean they charge fees that may seem very cheap to you, but actually allow them to earn a decent income—a win-win situation if there ever was one!

Hiring a virtual assistant can indeed be an excellent solution for small businesses, provided that you do it right. Build a trusting relationship with your VA; that should set you off to a good start.